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CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation

CRM is about unlocking the potential in your Customer Data. A good implementation will give benefits in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Management. Contact us to find the right implementation path for your business.

The goal of a CRM Implementation is defined by the benefits you want to gain, and how you prioritise them. There are four broad categories:

  • Marketing:

    The gain for marketing is having a dabase of customer data that you can easily segment and message. Instead of eachevery gathering, cleaning, filtering and uploading the customer data each time, you get to filter into a segment and then focus on the message and the suitable channel of communication. Of course, the message and the customer response is tracked in your CRM database so you can incrementally improve each campaign.

  • Sales:

    Like it or not, Sales gets better results when it follows a suitable process. Tracking allows you to give feedback to sales people and ensures that no lead is lost unintentionally. Using a CRM system to implement the sales process means that you accumilate a history of your prospects, customers, competitors and staff and can predict the future pipeline.

  • Customer Service:

    Tracking customer requests in a case management system is essential and good customer service is the best kind of marketing. Allowing Sales staff access to the customers after-sales history means that they can pitch their sale in the appropriate manner. It is only when all the information is in a CRM system that this is achievable.

  • Management:

    Modern managment needs reliable data to succeed. When your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service is structured in a single system then Dashboards and Report generation to much easier to develop and faster to implmenet.


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