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    Xero Developer Partner

    Xero’s secure online accounting software lets you work from anywhere, share with your employees and collaborate with your advisors. Just add some smarts from Orby to create a complete solution for your business.

    For Salesforce customers, the end of the Sales process should be the start of the Invoicing and Financials process. Orby can fill that gap with a custom solution to generate Xero invoices from Salesforce data.

    We are partners for both Xero and Salesforce, and have successful integrations between both products in the UK and Ireland.

    Case Study:

    Ireland's Eye Language Academy

    Boutique English Language & Host Family Provider

    “IELA needed a Scalable Solution across Sales, Operations and Finance. Orby built the right solution for us in Salesforce.”
    Emer Curran, Founder, Ireland's Eye Language Academy

    The IELA implementation included the following:

    • Integration with Xero Financials for Billing
    • 360° View of Students, Groups, Agents, Families and Suppliers
    • Efficient Sales Process and Pipeline KPIs
    • Bespoke Booking and Placement solution


Orby Technologies is a Registered Company by the C.R.O in Ireland.

Contact Information

  • Registered Address: 27 Seafield Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3
  • Phone: +353 86 831 2031
  • Mail: info@orby.ie