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  • Data Integration

    Data Integration

    The quality of the information in your CRM system depends on the data that is added to it. Data that comes from other systems needs to be cleansed, verified and matched with existing data. These tasks are onerous to do manually and that is where a Data Integration tool is of benefit.

    At Orby, we develop reliable integrations between systems built on the CastIron platform by IBM. Using the platform allows for faster development of new features and frees up resources previously dedicated to manual imports.

  • Motor Industry

    Motor Industry

    Automotive businesses have a relationship to their customers and products that unique to the Motor Industry. This relationship is altered by the perspective of a Motor Dealership or an Automotive Distributor. It goes without saying that the Customer Relationship Management system, CRM, must take these relationships and perspectives into account.

    CRM for Dealerships and Dealership Groups

    Dealership customers buy products from three main lines – New & Used Cars, Service & Maintenance and Parts. New & Used Cars are large value purchases and a great deal of care and though is put into the transaction. For this reason, a Lead management tool is essential to keep track of all enquiries from the web, phone and walk-ins. An astonishing number of leads are not followed-up properly and this needs to be tracked to extract the maximum performance from the existing pipeline. The changing habits of consumers to web-based channels means that dealerships have to change to meet their customers where they are.

    Service customers come back to the dealership to ensure their cars maintenance is kept up to date. Some are forgetful and others hunt around for a bargain so it is important to keep in touch. Timing a reminder is very important so the drivers existing habits should be used to judge when to send the message. Here is where keeping a customer’s full interaction history related to their profile generates an extra edge to the marketing spend. Logging spending on Parts alongside service labour and retail purchases also builds up a customer history enabling 360-degree view of the customer profile.

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    CRM for Automotive Distributors

    Distributors use a dealership network to interact with their customer base. Their relationship with a customer can be through more than one dealer and can change over time. Building a customer profile means integrating data from different systems and forming relationship from partial information. Using this super-set of information, co-ordinated campaigns can be run based on the product range and influenced by individual dealers in terms of branding and local information, and to the benefit of all involved.

    Customer Relations is a very important part of the relationship between a customer and the car they drive. Using a world-class case management tool working across phone, email and social media channels ensures that the customer is cared for properly and their brand affinity increases.

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